Bigger archives and promotional prices for a more pleasant autumn!

As the days grow colder, TV and radio programmes become more packed with content. That means we must replace the summer sluggishness, the well known Croatian ‘’fjaka’’, with an autumn run, and Presscut is here to clear the thick path of information for you J .


Starting this autumn, our monitoring list is becoming even longer. In addition to 90 radio and 60 TV shows, which translates to more than 1250 media stories processed every day, the monitoring list now also includes Poslovni FM, the first radio station delivering business-related content, with an emphasis on economy and entrepreneurship. In addition, the new monitoring list ensures you will not miss interesting guests in the N1 studio, or the analysis of most important events in the Newsroom.


We now record radio and TV stations from ALL Croatian counties 24/7, and keep them stored in our archives for 10 days. That means that we can process all shows in digital and text format, without requiring you to place an order beforehand, and our own technical solutions also ensure delivery in a very short period of time.


We will welcome our new autumn users with a week of free TV and radio monitoring for one topic of their choice, and we will also warm them up with promotional prices for subscriptions and attractive discounts on recordings!


We are here to watch and listen for you – all you need to do is contact us at 0800 600 909 or at and be certain that you will keep up with the fast-paced media at all times!