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The mass media and their content are our passion and business. Define a topic that interests you, and we quickly provide you with everything you can find about it in the media. We work according to the Total Media monitoring paradigm, storing the entire content of all media, which is why our searches are truly comprehensive.

Nobody can read all the newspapers every morning with coffee. That’s why we read all the newspapers, magazines and other publications for you, so that with press clipping you can always know what exactly is written about you and your topics of interest in the media.

When you only need key information and don’t have time to browse through all the clippings, a daily media report will give you what you need most from the media for your business, institution or organization.

Daily, weekly or periodical media reports contain an overview of all news and events from any area of ​​interest in Croatian or a foreign language, as well as any report you want from the region, Europe and the world.

Interested in what was said about you on the radio? Don’t know how to best capture content from radio shows? Presscut audio clipping records the radio programs of national radio stations all day long for you, and we also monitor regional and local broadcasts. As with all other services, thanks to our unique network of external associates, we can ensure the coverage of any media content from the territory of Croatia.

Looking for a TV show that talked about you or your business? Need continuous follow up on a specific topic? How do you find good digital quality national, regional, and local TV broadcasts? The only real answer to all these questions is Presscut video clipping. We gather the broadcast television content of national stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Web Hunter we regularly monitor more than 500 Croatian portals and deliver targeted information in real time. Unlike a typical Internet search, we rank and categorize all the content we collect.

Thanks to membership in many media monitoring agency organizations, we enable foreign clipping, finding news from media around the world, and providing regular monitoring of print and electronic media from all countries in the region.

Why choose Presscut media monitoring services?

With quality media monitoring you can build a strong brand, respond to crises, and measure communication, as well as discover influencers and learn about the competition.
You can receive television and radio reports in the form of high-quality digital recordings, full transcripts, or automatic transcript, as a practical summary or request metadata.
You can classify and filter all the content of Internet portals by topics and portals that really interest you.
You choose the delivery method of clipping - Mobile Presscut, email, online account, Clipping book, USB, etc.
From a sea of media information, you can personalize your media reports - by editorially selecting standard or personalized newsletters presented in daily or periodical media reports designed in accordance with your own needs, corporate identity and special instructions - in Croatian or any foreign language.

Every bit of information from and about the media, to improve your image in the media. Contact us at: or call 0800 600 909

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We are members of the Newton Media Group, one of the strongest media monitoring forces in Europe. For more than 20 years, Newton Media has been recognized as one of Europe's most progressive and trusted partners in the media industry.

We are true to the idea that human insight should always remain at the heart of media and media analysis, and at the same time we are developing innovative technological monitoring and analysis solutions to achieve the best possible results for our users.

Meet our partners with the help of which we provide the best media monitoring service in Croatia!