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Do you think that you will always be able to find everything that has ever interested you on the Internet because the Internet remembers everything?

We are big fans of new technologies, but we can assure you with certainty that you will not always be able to find the original articles, covers, TV and radio broadcasts that we process and save daily in visual and textual form in our archive. Either today, or in decades you will not be able to find it anywhere except in Presscut’s media archives.

It is extremely important for future generations of media professionals, journalists, PR professionals and all interested citizens to store all the media content that has documented our era, which is why we are constantly updating our database of media releases. For you, we maintain a digital archive of all print media that has been published in Croatia since 2000, and the 24-hour programming of Croatian national radio and TV broadcasters since 2007.

Are you looking for a lost or forgotten media release for your business needs, or do you want to remember fond memories of when the media first reported about your business or project? Contact us.

Take the opportunity and consolidate all the past media releases about a company, person or institution, from the beginning of your work to the present day and continue to constantly monitor and build your archives with the media coverage we regularly provide.

Take a look at some of the most interesting moments from the recent history of the Croatian press that we keep!


Special supplement about Dražen Petrović


The great gold of Croatian sports.


By train for half the cost than by a bus.

novi list


The largest site of mosaics in Croatia.



Sensational discovery at CERN.

slobodna dalmacija


The silly, dear snowy Split.

What exactly can you find in the Presscut Archives?

A database of archived and digitized media items from all Croatian publications since 2003 that we can search based on given key terms.
Radio and television media items retroactive to 2010, by any keyword.
Delivery in the form that works best for you.
Fast, high quality, unique search service for media archives in Croatia.

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Newton media group



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We are members of the Newton Media Group, one of the strongest media monitoring forces in Europe. For more than 20 years, Newton Media has been recognized as one of Europe's most progressive and trusted partners in the media industry.

We are true to the idea that human insight should always remain at the heart of media and media analysis, and at the same time we are developing innovative technological monitoring and analysis solutions to achieve the best possible results for our users.

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