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At Presscut we know everything about the media, and we know it from the media itself. Why not use all the information we have about media from the media itself to improve your access to communication, better prepare for an interview, or to quickly recognize the need to improve your image?

Scarface offers a portrait of public figures. By analysing media releases and other publicly available information about an individual, find out what an individual’s public image is. Find out who the best Croatian journalists really are, which journalists specialize in reporting on the topic you or your company is dealing with, which portal is best to turn to when organizing an event or conference, etc.

Media Room saves you time by providing you with a quality and transparent follow up of your media release. Anyone involved in public relations knows how important it is to have a thoroughly prepared media address book for any activity or news item they want to market to the public. With Presscut, you can dedicate your time completely to the quality of communication and don’t waste it on technical tasks.

Reputation in the media is extremely important, and it is even more important to be aware of when you need to work on your media reputation or correct certain mistakes, which you can find out with the Reputation Report. It would be helpful to know how positive your reputation is and continue your public appearances in a similar tone in the future, right? Keep up with all the changes to your media image with Presscut and always stay one step ahead of the rest.

What can you really learn from the media?

Get a portrait of any journalist to find out in advance what to expect in a planned interview or report.
What results did your media release achieve and how to measure the success of your communication.
What the public thinks about your media image and whether it needs to be worked on before it's too late.
What the public image of a certain individual is, and a portrait of a public figure in order to know who you are "dealing with".

Every bit of information from and about the media, to improve your image in the media. Contact us at: or call 0800 600 909

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We are members of the Newton Media Group, one of the strongest media monitoring forces in Europe. For more than 20 years, Newton Media has been recognized as one of Europe's most progressive and trusted partners in the media industry.

We are true to the idea that human insight should always remain at the heart of media and media analysis, and at the same time we are developing innovative technological monitoring and analysis solutions to achieve the best possible results for our users.

Meet our partners with the help of which we provide the best media monitoring service in Croatia!