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Since 1989, we have positioned ourselves as the first and leading media monitoring agency in Croatia. Today, after thirty years of systematic service improvement, we provide our customers with the most modern, fast and reliable media coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as many other services.

We have constantly worked to develop innovative analytical technologies which we combine with the years of experience of our top professionals in order to provide the best media monitoring and media analysis services on a daily basis. We follow everything and pass it on to you. From traditional media – printradio and television – to content from online portalsmedia reports and social networks.


We guarantee our customers the highest quality of service and the shortest delivery time. We are always up-to-date with the latest technological developments, recognizing your needs and supporting you in times of crisis. At Presscut you can also find services that are up-to-date with technological trends, such as Newton Dictate and data mining. We are constantly expanding our services to maximize your business and communications results. We grow and develop together with our long-time customers, and we walk in step with every new one.

Presscut through the years


There was a time when Presscut initially pursued media without the benefit of today’s advanced technology. Back then, compared to today’s smartphones, the extremely expensive and incomparably slow “personal computer” ruled the day, and we first heard the words “Microsoft” and “colour monitor”.

It was almost impossible to meet monthly delivery times. Service and maintenance of IT equipment was carried out in Austria, at the time 3 – 4 hours away in one direction, while time was saved by the introduction of a photocopier, which made scissors lose their important role in our daily lives.


Presscut continued to keep pace with the times, networking its computers and discovering data stored in public databases that it then also used for the first time.

The Internet expanded to a wider audience, so Presscut bought a modem and created its first email address! Customers thought about weekly deliveries, and we thought about the meaning of life – because connecting to the Internet took an entire small eternity. We were delighted to send the first selected media items via a  computer.


A new era of press clipping began with newspaper scanning and e-mailing, but as it was a new technology in those days, so we still printed reports and mailed them to our clients, just in case. The time ended when the clippings for customer delivery waited daily in the thousands of registrar sleeves on the cult “delivery wall”, to which we then said goodbye.

We completely caught the wave of computerization. The first database was installed, we created production applications and we introduced automated e-mail delivery. We got the first document scanner that could process up to 30 pages of newspapers per minute, but we were all still bothered by the format of Vjesnik and the price of the scanner with which it could be processed.


We enjoy the results of our labour on computerization and built a collection of user programs and databases of articles and media on our user’s equipment, so that Presscut’s only IT employee installed programs every day and could not be found in the office. We who were in the offices, after the seventh move, found a permanent residence at today’s premises in Domagojeva in Zagreb.

Presscut also made its way onto the Internet, creating the first version of the webpage you are currently on. We stored away VHS tapes in the garage as we began to digitally record and store radio and TV programs. Introducing “total monitoring”, our goal was to convert all content from the media into text that could then be searched by a machine. We also developed a system of media processing applications and speech recognition software. From the initial few personal computers, we became a modern data centre, which is being continuously upgraded today.


Presscut d.o.o. za medijske i tržišne komunikacije,
Zagreb, Domagojeva 2
Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb

Reg. no.: 080149581
OIB: 34672089688
Tax number: 0274674

Base capital: HRK 100.000,00
Board of Directors:
President: Jasmina Garaj Golubiček
Member: Jelena Hadžić

Bank accounts:
HR0424840081101612302 at Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb
HR8423600001101498363 at Zagrebačke banke d.d. Zagreb

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Newton media group



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We are members of the Newton Media Group, one of the strongest media monitoring forces in Europe. For more than 20 years, Newton Media has been recognized as one of Europe's most progressive and trusted partners in the media industry.

We are true to the idea that human insight should always remain at the heart of media and media analysis, and at the same time we are developing innovative technological monitoring and analysis solutions to achieve the best possible results for our users.

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