Increasing media literacy through the MELIA Observatory project!

How to increase media literacy and consequently improve civic competences and boost political interest – these topics will be explored through the MELIA Observatory project in the next two years. The first meeting was held in late September, bringing together 30 participants and 23 partners, including Presscut.


In recent years we have witnessed political events that have led to a worsening of democratic standards in some parts of the region, and the increasingly pronounced apathy and lack of political interest among young people are particularly concerning. The basic element of civic competences is a high level of media literacy which is necessary for civic reflection of social reality and resilience to negative media phenomena, such as hate speech and fake news.


The purpose of the MELIA Observatory project is to create a media observatory which aims to increase media literacy, particularly among young people, encourage the questioning of media and media content, and boost political interest. It will represent a transnational network of relevant participants in the field of media, education and civil society from countries of the Danube region.


The MELIA project (Media Literacy for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy) is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development as part of the Transnational Cooperation Programme Intereg V-B Danube. Apart from Presscut, other Croatian entities participating in this project are the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Algebra University College and Croatian Journalists and Publicists (HNiP).


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