Metricom, a tool for monitoring social networks and the Internet media has a mobile app!

Don’t let the others pre-empt you and know everything that is written about you the second someone clicks “Publish!” Social network communication spreads extremely fast, often uncontrollably, and without your knowledge. Metricom is one of the best tools for monitoring social networks and Internet media, and lets you independently select your tracking terms, find data, and save them to folders. This creates collections of posts and articles from which to create reports, all of which can be done at a pace that suits you, daily, weekly or monthly. Meanwhile, if you have too many posts per day, Metricom takes over that part of the job for you and creates all the searches and reports by itself. You can also use this tool to learn about the sentiments on the subject, or whether someone involved in the conversation is negative, neutral, or positive. Metricom is currently the only tool that simultaneously tracks social networks, forums, portals and comments on portals, all of which is available in your pocket on the mobile app and is an ideal solution for those who spend a good amount of time outside the office or for whom accessing their desktop is often impractical.