NewtonOne webinar: Apply and meet the star of our services

Daily monitoring of more than 100,000 European online media outlets based on selected keywords, built-in automatic translator, reports generated and sent automatically at a selected time – these are just some of the possibilities available through the new star of Presscut services – NewtonOne.


See what additional perks you’ll get by using our new modern media platform and learn how to utilize its potential to the fullest. Our free webinar entitled NewtonOne, new star of Presscut services will be held on 9 October at 11:00, and you can apply to it via the  link


After the webinar, you will receive free seven-day monitoring of media stories from five countries: UK, France, Germany and two European countries of your choice. All you need to do is contact us at 0800 600 909 or at


Keep up with all media stories that concern you!