Presscut at FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress 2022 – Dublin 🍀 💖 🍀

The FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress is one of the biggest events for communication, public relations, technology, social media monitoring and marketing professionals, bringing together communication experts from around the world to share best practices, discuss industry development and innovation, present the latest technology and network through a series of presentations and panels held by industry-leading experts. The programme includes a wide range of topics relevant for media intelligence and communication professionals, including social media monitoring, privacy and data integrity, copyright, evolution of data consumption, measurement, PR trends, technological development, and future prospects for communications and media intelligence industries.

As a long-term member and active participant in the annual FIBEP conferences, Presscut has presented its sentiment analysis solution at this year’s congress in Dublin, in association with Algebra University College, attracting great interest from our peers from around the world. Automatic detection of general sentiment for small languages has not yet matched the level achieved for languages such as English or Spanish, but our presentation has shown the way to our peers who are struggling with the same problems we have encountered.