The impact of the visual elements on the acceptance of Facebook content

Researchers Mario Plenković PhD, Darja Kupinić Guščić, and Slobodan Hadžić proved the existence of a link between organic reach and number of likes.

For the purpose of a scientific study, the publication of which is expected at the end of the year, research was conducted on the impact of visual elements on the adoption of Facebook content and the correlation between liking and organic reach.

For the purposes of this paper, information on the administration of facebook profiles was also provided to us by two of our users, Erste Bank and Zagrebačka pivovara, who we also thank on this occasion.
Research has shown that the existence of visual elements is not crucial for adopting content on Facebook, primarily because of the very small amount of content that the visual elements had.

Despite the distribution abnormality seen in both observed variables, however, there was evidence of a relationship between organic reach and number of likes. This correlation is all the more significant when dealing with larger amounts of data.

The main researchers were Mario Plenković, PhD, Darja Kupinić Guščić and Slobodan Hadžić PhD.